The following is a summary of some of the services we can provide:

  • Transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.
  • On site rigging and moving of equipment.
  • Railcar tie-down and clean-up.
  • Cargo insurance while in custody of your cargo.
  • Security of your cargo while released to our custody.
  • Permits and licenses required by agencies involved in a project.
  • Temporary storage of your cargo at our facility.
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Jacking & Rigging

Within Americans scope of rigging services, and based on years of experience and innovative techniques, we can provide hydraulic jacking methods for moving large and heavy loads, either on or off-site.

  • Jacking Nuclear Reactor
  • Jacking and Rigging of Skywalk
  • Shoe Roller Rig at Skywalk
  • Alpha 1 positioning to offload transformer
  • Jacking & Rigging
  • Edison Transformer
  • Edison Transformer
  • Roll on Pad
  • Over the Road
  • Tank
  • Transformer Over the Road
  • Transformer in Henderson
  • Transformer Over the Road
  • Transformer Over the Road
  • Alpha 1 hauling 400,000 lbs transformer
  • Alpha 1 configured for 600,000 lbs
  • Transporter moving 120 ft pressure vessel
  • Over the Road
Heavy Hauling California

Over the Road

American Heavy Moving and Rigging can assist you in any of your heavy hauling over the road shipping projects.

We use custom designed state of the art over the road shipping transporters that provide the capability of legally transporting heavy loads over the roads and highways throughout the States.

Structure Moving

Structure Moving is our business too. American has the expertise and capability to move structures, big or small, on-site or long distances. We have moved very large and heavy trees, apartment buildings and other structures to accommodate new developments.
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  • 50 ft. wide one section historical house moved in Pasadena, CA
  • Crane lift of office building
  • Un-reinforced river rock house
  • 100 year old historical home
  • 500,000 lb oil rig
  • 1,500,000 lb nuclear reactor
  • Super Heavy Oversize
  • Edison Transformer Relocation

Super Heavy Oversize

Super Heavy and Oversized loads are of special interest to American Heavy Moving. These projects could be a transformer, a generator, steam vessel, reactors, storage tanks and other items.
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Emergency Response

Emergency response is one of our specialties. We are structured to respond on short notice to assist emergencies such as train wrecks, earthquakes, transformer failures or any other emergency situation.
  • Train wreck cleanup at Cajon Pass, CA
  • Ten 100 ton plus century-old oak trees moved in Thousand Oaks, CA